Arab Hoochies

Dinner on the Champs Ellyses tonight and one thing is painfully clear: Arab women like to cut lose in Gay Paris!

These are my notes from the first night, as we walked down the Champs Elysees:

  • Sephora was like a clown-car for Arab women. Hundreds of them streamed out, arms full of Lancôme bags.
  • The Montecristo Cafe is ground central for gulf Arab bon vivant in Paris. Every table had a hookah and 10 liberated Arab women.
  • The Burberry scarf-cum-hijab is the de facto uniform for the moms and Chanel scarfs around the head were the fallback for the ones really going all out and not adhering to the hijab.
  • ALL the women wore more makeup than Jon-Benet Ramsey, and most of them wore eye makeup like Amy Winehouse
  • Apparently perfume is frowned upon in the gulf. I’m guessing there was a cumulative of 1 gallon of Chanel No.5 worn within 3 blocks of the Montecristo.

I know this is a potentially controversial post. Keep in mind I’m not making any value judgments; I’m merely observing (hopefully respectfully).

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