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Manejando Rapidamente

The next part of our trip called for us to drop off the French Wagon Queen Family Truckster 177 km south of Roses in Barcelona. We left Roses just a little bit late, so the optimist in me said that we could make it up on the drive down. I fell in with a convoy of speedy Spaniards in riced-out BMWs, and it turned out that we actually arrived earlier than planned!

We arrived in the Barcelona airport, turned in the car (no damage penalty on the mirror!), checked in and walked leisurely to our gate. The flight to Madrid was painless…akin to SF to LA. The drive to the hotel was equally painless. What I’m learning really quickly about Spain is that there is almost no stress. Which made it REALLY ironic to see a Church of Scientology a block from our hotel. Maybe they heard we were coming and set it up as a precaution? 😉

All in, everyone is really nice, and my Spanish is going really far.

Get Something Going

We have a friend, Zeo, who collects citizenships like most people collect watches. He was just granted French citizenship (his wife is Parisian).

While having lunch at a cafe overlooking the Seine, Liz informed me that Zeo & I need to “get something going in Paris” so she can do this every day.

Castillian Lisp

I recently saw the Will Ferrell lampoon of George W. Bush, “You’re Welcome America…”  He talks about being addicted to speaking with a Castillian lisp after spending some time with King Juan Carlos.  I can’t wait to develop this lisp for real.  When I get back I’m going to annoy the guys behind the counter of my favorite taqueria where I use 90% of my Spanish vocabulary to order the perfect torta.

Aguaca-thé, por favor!