Children are behaved?!

Since we arrived, we’ve noticed how remarkably behaved the kids are in Europe. They basically act like adults, albeit small adults. Anyhow, while waiting for Mike to sort out the rental car, I saw a small girl playing on a parking curb. It only took 2 falls for the mother to administer a beating like I’ve only seen my sister give. So it seems a little “fear of god” does the trick. If only CPS wouldn’t be notified immediately in the US.

2 thoughts on “Children are behaved?!

  1. Phillip

    Speaking of children. “Master P” is doing well… in fact he is like a completely different dog! He has been well behaved, and quiet. He is not even barking for food or when i leave the house or come back in. I think y’all actually took the real Porter to Europe, and left a body double with me.

  2. Isabella

    Let me get this straight, if I’m (Liz) not around, Master P acts perfectly normal?!? I guess this reaffirms our decision NOT to have kids…if I can’t raise a dog properly, I have no business raising kids. LOL!


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