Museo Reina Sophia

After we checked into our hotel (more on that over the next few days), the first order of business was lunch. Our hotel is on a square that is filled with cafes. We had our first real meal of tapas, and were happy as clams (marinated in olive oil, of course!). The next stop was El Museo Nacional, Centro de Arte: The Reina Sophia.

In one word: Wow!

Granted, this museum is only for 20th Century art, but it was absolutely my favorite so far (Liz still has Picasso, Paris, on her ballot). The famous pieces are:

  • Picasso’s Guernica
  • I bought a portfolio of the entire canvas at a 1:1 ratio…it’s a box with 600 sheets. Problem is they’re printed front and back, so I would’ve needed to buy 2 copies to assemble my own. Esta bien.

  • Dali’s Woman at a Window
  • Her calves have the most amazing lighting effect. It is indescribable.

  • Picasso’s Woman in Blue
  • He disavowed this painting because it didn’t win a National competition; only came in Runner-up.

2 thoughts on “Museo Reina Sophia

  1. Kath

    The trip sounds fantastico, to date. When is the big meal in Roses? I haven’t seen any postings regarding the “fusion” meal. Isn’t that the original purpose for this trip. Matter of fact, not much about the food at all? Please post more about all your experiences. Love==

    1. Miguel Post author

      The El Bulli meal was last Thursday. All 3 posts from that day are about it! 😀 The reason they’re so short is because the experience was overwhelming and I didn’t have the energy to write. I’m going to do a very detailed review of the entire meal (including photos of all 35 courses, save 1), from the moment the cab picked us up until we walked back into the hotel. All told it lasted about 6 hours, and I don’t know if either of will ever forget a single second of it. We’ll see if that’s true when I sit down to write it. :)


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