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Le Gatsby

F. Scott said it best: The rich are different than you and me.   Never have I felt that sentiment more acutely than upon my arrival in the Riviera.  I grew up with a modicum of privilege, and I’ve known some of the wealthier people in the places that I’ve lived.  But none of that could prepare me for the gratuitousness of Port Hercules in Monaco.

And the display doesn’t stop at the water’s edge.  Every third car is a Ferrari, and more often than not one of the other two is a Bentley.  I’m not sure if there was more money tied up in the wheels in Monaco this week, or at Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.  And don’t read any bitterness into any of this post.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  If I couldn’t be in Monterrey this week, Monaco is the next best place.

Here’s an analogy that makes sense to me since it’s Fantasy Footbal Draft season.  If wealth were football ability, Monaco would be the Pro Bowl.  You may have gone to high school with one or two guys who made it to the next level, Division 1A (USC, UT, Michigan, etc.).  And if you went to one of those schools, you may have known one or two guys that were so good that they went to the next level, the NFL.  And if you were to hang in those circles, you might be fortunate to know one or two guys per team that could be considered the elite.  That’s pretty much what Monaco is like, if wealth were football ability.