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Loving Madrid

A quick blog before we head to dinner. While I’d been here before on business, I didn’t quite get what the city was about since I was mainly hanging out with coworkers from various offices around the world. But this is definitely our kind of town. The food is fantastic (who doesn’t love heaps of chorizo, el jamon serrano and manchega) and the people are wonderful. While Paris was beautiful and Monaco otherworldly in that James Bond sort of way, it was challenging for us since neither of us speaks much French beyond “bon jour” and “merci.” In only 3 short days Michael’s Spanish is getting us around remarkably and he’s even taken to the Castillian lisp, which I fear may stick with him – the people in Mexico DF are going to love him the next time we visit – HA! Really, to hear Michael pronounce “gracias” as the Castillian’s do is hysterical (it’s “gla-th-ias”, by the way.)

Anyhow, we’re off for our last evening in Madrid. Barcelona, ready or not, here we come!

Castillian Lisp

I recently saw the Will Ferrell lampoon of George W. Bush, “You’re Welcome America…”  He talks about being addicted to speaking with a Castillian lisp after spending some time with King Juan Carlos.  I can’t wait to develop this lisp for real.  When I get back I’m going to annoy the guys behind the counter of my favorite taqueria where I use 90% of my Spanish vocabulary to order the perfect torta.

Aguaca-thé, por favor!