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Tortas in Spain

Leave it to Liz to find the only place in Barcelona that serves tortas.

The concierge at the hotel didn’t understand why we would want to come here, but like Cheech Marin in Europe we were having taco withdrawls.  The restaurant is in one of the neighborhoods that was having it’s festival during our visit.  This brought up Barcelon’s already hi-voltage atmosphere to a level somewhere between Mardi Gras in NoLa and Woodstock (’89…everyone was well-dressed).

Castillian Lisp

I recently saw the Will Ferrell lampoon of George W. Bush, “You’re Welcome America…”  He talks about being addicted to speaking with a Castillian lisp after spending some time with King Juan Carlos.  I can’t wait to develop this lisp for real.  When I get back I’m going to annoy the guys behind the counter of my favorite taqueria where I use 90% of my Spanish vocabulary to order the perfect torta.

Aguaca-thé, por favor!