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TGV To Marseille

I can only guess that my slaughter of Fran├žais with a funky Chilango Spanglish accent made Lyon sound like du Nord, so the taxi driver took us to du Nord. After realizing that we weren’t in the right place we took a cab to the right Gare. Despite arriving at Gare Lyon only 15 minutes before our scheduled departure, we made our train.

The French countryside is rolling by us now, and it is absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to make a value judgement from a mile away while going 200 mph, but from here it looks like they respect their land more than we do. Maybe it’s because it’s more finite for them? Maybe because agriculture is a heritage rather than a ticker symbol (ADM)? Again, it’s hard to say from this vantage point; I’ll revisit this theme on the next train: Bordeaux a Paris.